Doors and windows

Somewhere in a place where things were good there was a house,
The house was beautiful and was placed near a river and beautiful gardens.
The gardens were so big that almost all people would get lost in it,
It had at one time been owned by someone who was very rich and when he lived there he had created many special places in the garden,

He was a very bright man,
He loved his children and being so rich he could afford whatever he wanted,
Many a truck came by in those days to deliver items and the father kept on creating special places in the garden with the most beautiful suprises,
But "the trick" was that all areas had just one door by which to enter,
Many suprises were there that were not even known by others then just the father,
He had many children and there were so many suprises for them to enjoy,
He enjoyed to surprise his children to some of these specially created parts of the garden and so to treat them to a special time,

The house was now inhabited by a father and his two sons,
They had enjoyed good years together enjoying the time they had,
When he had bought the house years ago he knew it was so big and many rooms in the house had never seen by him and many places of the wonderful garden had never been seen by him,

The house had many doors and windows,
Some doors were never used because they led to rooms that never had to be used yet,
Yet, there came a time when some of them needed to be used,
The boys were getting older, there interest' changed and new areas needed to be explored,
The father wanted to show them areas of the garden that would just be a lot of fun, being their age,
They had seen allready parts of it and all of them were always special and each of them were unique in their own way,
Yet, they were areas of the garden that had never been seen yet by the boys,

Not seen because there were things that they were to young for,
Areas with beautiful catterpillars, yet young boys being who they are, the father had never allowed them there,
The father knew there was an area with a beautiful miniature train,
The train would go through a hand-made-mountain to come out on the other end of the garden where it would blow the wistle and made an enormous sound and it would even blow smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Places near the river had never been seen, simply to dangerous for the boys,
Cliffs, dangerous for small boys,

But one day the father had a big surprise for the boys,
The boys were now old enough to see and view these things with their own eyes,
The father had told many a time about them places,
Hearts were waiting with anticipation,
So one morning they went and came to a door that would lead them to one of these places,
But since it had not been used for so long they could not open it.
They tried one of the other ones,
Yet, it also failed to open,
Sad, sad the father was,
The father was sad, because he wanted so badly to bring his son to these parts of the garden where they could be together and enjoy good times,
For weeks the father pondered over this issue,
How could he get the boys to these trains, to the catterpillars, to the cliff,
It made him sad, he wanted so badly to show his sons these places,
Places where he could be with them and let them enjoy the train, the catterpillars and many other things,
But the doors simply would not open,
He had waited for years for this and now when the time was there he could not show it,

Then one day he went searching through the house for other doors never been used, knowing that there was something behind every door,
He came in one of the rooms and saw a door that also had not been used for years,
The room was simply one of those that was a storage-room and just not being entered that much,
While he looked at the door he became curious what was behind it,
He opened it and at once he saw a gorgeous wild passion-flower plant, covered with flowers in all their beauty,
When he looked further he saw a stove build into a rock,
He looked at it and saw that he could have a nice BBQ there,
Still recovering from his excitement he also saw a small pond with beautiful fish swimming,
Beautiful fish with the most wonderful colours,
He quikly called his boys to show these things and the boys were just so happy to find these places,
The father got real exited and knew that there were other rooms with doors that had never been used,

He tried several others and found some of the most amazing things,
He found a place with a small race-track,
He got the boys and the boys placed themselves in the carts and had a very exciting time,
They swirled their carts around the most beautiful corners covered with lights flashing of all colours,
He tried another door,
He came to a very nice waterfall, handmade but the difference was not seen,
More excitement,
He tried another door,
He walked into a place where it was somewhat warmer,
A little beach was created and water was there to swim in,
He got so excited, he tried other doors,
Many more things he found that were so exciting for him and the boys,
Night after night they would explore these places till one night they even went through a door and saw an ice-cream-maker,
Wow, that was the ultimate,
Great fun and great times they had,
Sharing ice-cream together,
Then they found a place with toys, many toys for the boys to enjoy,
Trains, planes, trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soon they had forgotten about those other places for which they had waited with anticipation,
They would make ice-cream, had fun near the race-track,
Enjoyed the waterfalls and so many of the other things that they had found,
They enjoyed themselves and the father was so happy about this,
He could have never imagined that not having the other parts of the garden would give them so much joy,
It was good,
They were happy and shared all those beautiful moments together, sharing in these good things and being together,

Then one day, just out of curiosity he tried the door to the place where the catterpillars were,
And it opened!!!!!!
He could see the catterpillars, he called his sons quikly and shared in the beauty of these little animals,
Being excited about this, he tried some of the other doors,
He tried the door to the where the miniature-train was,
And it opened too,
Wow, was he ever happy!!!!!!!!
He quikly called his sons and they enjoyed the train.
It was just coming out of the hand-made-mountain,
It was a beautiful sight,
They loved it, they enjoyed it to the fullest and lived happily ever after.

The lesson:
Sometimes in life we want to open doors that cannot be opened,
We then have the choice to try to open other doors and see what is behind them,
And behind some of these doors we will find, till then unknown, things that makes life very enjoyable and happy.
And then at a later time doors might be opened that we had wanted opened before.

God is good, sometimes he closes doors, but He opens others.

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