Purity in Heart and Body

Written by: Joanne Beckley

Have you noticed how our Bibles are filled with the word “pure”? This fact caused me to stop and do a little research through the Bible concerning purity. Perhaps you too can pause in your busy life and consider the following thoughts. Open your Bible (or your computer Bible software) and take time to appreciate God’s purity and His expectation that we be pure in heart and body. Are we? And then teach purity to others by word and deed.

Purity - Vines: hagnos - pure from defilement, not contaminated (from same rootword as hagios, holy) thus sanctified, set apart. Hagneia is synonymous with hagnos but includes the chastity which excludes all impurity of spirit, manner or act as in 1 Tim.4:12; 5:2.

God insisted on
pure gold for the tabernacle - Ex. 25: 17. Solomon used it in/on the temple
pure oil for the light - Ex. 27: 20; Lev. 24: 2
pure spices for incense - Ex. 30: 23
God showed himself pure to a pure people - 2 Sam. 22: 27; Psa. 18: 26
Priests were washed before serving - pure - Ezra 6: 20
God’s commandments are pure Psa. 19: 8
One who serves God must have clean hands and a pure heart - Psa. 19: 8
Heaven is a city of pure gold - Rev. 21: 18, 21

A pure heart creates integrity, love and a positive attitude - 1 Tim.4:12; 5:2
A pure heart brings forth pleasant words - Prov.15:26
A pure heart brings forth good deeds - Prov.21:8; 1 Tim.5:22

Purity requires honesty in our actions - Mic.6:11
Love comes out of a pure heart - 1 Tim.1:5; 1 Pet.1:22
A pure conscience will understand the mystery of the faith - 1 Tim.3:9

It is possible to be pure in our own eyes, but not washed from sin - Prov.30;12

God will purify us as a refiner purifies silver so that we can offer righteousness - Mal.3:3; Tit.2:14; Jam.4:8
We become a special people - Tit.2:14
We become zealous for good works
We are built up as a spiritual house, a holy people - 1 Pet.2:5

How to be pure?
– obedient to Christ through our will, a determination to humble ourselves before him.
– keep a good conscience - 1 Tim.1:5
– repent and be baptized, using that determination to live for Christ

How to stay pure?
– Bible study and prayer
– a strong commitment to desire God’s things
– choose wholesome surroundings
– choose companions wisely - 1 Cor.15:33; 5:6; 2 Tim.2:22

Practical examples:
– Learn what Jesus wants from you. This takes personal bible study.
– Determine to change your life, starting right now (repentance).
– Obey Jesus in baptism.
– Write down a plan of action to keep yourself pure.
• Determine never to lie again. If thoughts of someone who is not your husband come into your mind, immediately get up and do/think of something else. Do not let anger develop into wrong thoughts and actions. Pray for help whenever your thoughts are not good.
• Decide what friends to discard, new ones to make that will keep your thoughts, words and actions right in the sight of God.
• Decisions about where you go and what to do – no disco, walking out at night, no private time with one boy/man (keep door open, do not sit in car, etc)
• Stop reading or watching or listening to subjects that Jesus would not want to see you doing.
• Ask God for forgiveness when you fail.

To stay pure is a full time job!

Finally. . .Phil.4:4-9, emphasizing verse 8

Song: Purer in Heart – Read the words and determine your plan of action. Purity doesn’t just occur fortuitously. You cannot achieve purity in heart and body by chance, or by casual encounters with God’s pure people. Work at it! Pray hard. Give sincere thanks that God’s expectations for you and I CAN be fulfilled.

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